Alkhair Oil Services was established in 2004 under the empowered Iraqi laws and regulations passed by Ministry of Trade under No.472 on 21-08-2004 and thru the approval of Ministry of Oil under No. 1/183/1893 with Excellent degree classification our company was establish aiming to provide distinguished and effective services to the working oil companies to meet and satisfy the growth and expansion taking place in the volume of the oil business. Such growth and expansion required the existence of distinguished serviceable companies. In order to meet such urgent requirement ....
Alkhair Oil Services invites all international companies specialized in investments and financing in the field of oil refineries to participate with us to implement Kirkuk oil refinery investment project with capacity of 150,000 barrels per day , as funding partner for the project in accordance with the terms and conditions to be agreed upon later after discussing all the details, For interested companies please contact us at below details , and Please send us .....

Construction , Supplying Maintenance , Operate and Turn-key of Oil , Gas Petrochemical and power plants projects .
Drilling & Scouting .
Creation of engineering & technical cadres

Solar Energy project in Anbar and Basra provinces with capacity of 150 MW for each plant .
Investment in Basra
-Rebuilding of Al Jazeera Oil Refinery in Saladin.
-Building of Oil Refinery in Kirkuk , with productivity of 150,000 barrels daily

Head Office - Baghdad
52 Technology University Street , Bldg. 180
Baghdad 10066

Alkhair Oil Services could gain and achieve a very good high level fame and name due to her adaptation to the principles