About Us :

Nahro M. Abdulkarim
General Manager

• More than 20 years of experience in delivering major projects for Public and Private.
• Led and developed the strategy of company and fixed its props and made its reputation among international corporations .

Alkhair Oil Services was established in 2004 under the empowered Iraqi laws and regulations passed by Ministry of Trade under No.472 on 21-08-2004 and thru the approval of Ministry of Oil under No. 1/183/1893 with Excellent degree classification , our company was establish aiming to provide distinguished and effective services to the working oil companies to meet and satisfy the growth and expansion taking place in the volume of the oil business. Such growth and expansion required the existence of distinguished serviceable companies. In order to meet such urgent requirement.

Alkhair with it is worldwide business agreements , Joint ventures and support agreements and relationships has the abilities , capacities and financial efficiency to implement and participate in the biggest strategies projects in the field of it is works .

Alkhair Oil Services is interested in exporting Iraqi crude oil and all oil derivatives in competitive prices and commercial quantities all over the world.

Alkhair Oil Services renders its services to satisfy and meet the different requirements of the business and oil services sector in Iraq, in the neighboring countries, and other foreign countries. Our expertise and capabilities we provide to our customers realize their desires and goals to help them perform their business and activities flexibly and smoothly without facing any difficulties or problems.

Alkhair Oil Services also provides all services required to oil and Power companies working in drilling, excavation, and scouting as well as for gas , oil and power producing companies.