Our Services :

• Construction , Supplying , Maintenance , Operate and Turn-key of Oil , Gas , Petrochemical and power plants projects .
• Drilling & Scouting .
• Land transportation .
• Marine transportation .
• Creation of engineering & technical cadres .
• The company is managed and supervised by a very well trained and qualified group in it is field.
• Render all technical works and assistant services in the Oil , Gas and Power sectors .
• Provide all technical advices and submit professional studies in oil , oil industries and power fields through employing technicians and professional experts in these fields inside Iraq and abroad.
• Supply all materials, items, and assisting supplies for the purpose of producing and manufacturing oil , gas and power .
• Provide all types and forms of transportation services needed for oil sector.
• Perform all kinds of engineering supervision works, and provide all technical services and works including mechanical and electro¬mechanical installations and civil works.
• Perform all maintenance works.
• Provide all automotives, machineries, equipment, workforce, storage sites, and administrative services and facilities.

Professional Workforce:
Alkhair Oil Services provides all trained and qualified workforce to its customers who are carefully selected depending upon the highest levels of evaluation and standard measures, and the most modern
and best qualitative international techniques of training and theoretical/practical qualifications.

Transportation Means:
Alkhair Oil Services provides a new modern fleet of trucks and carriers inside Iraq and from Iraq to all neighboring countries. We also provide light and heavy transportation to transport all kinds of oil products. We also render marine transportation all over the world via oil tankers.

Heavy Equipment & Machineries:
Alkhair Oil Services provides its customers a variety of heavy automotives and equipment including all the oil business sector requirements. We also provide all operation, maintenance, and follow up services needed for such automotives and equipment such as: forklifts, bulldozers, excavators, and generators.

The Ready Made Housing Portable Camps:
We also provide the readymade housing portable camps and offices serving oil projects cadres by mounting and setting up modem readymade BOQs equipped with all facilities, conveniences, and designed to meet all hygiene and comfortable requirements.

Storage Warehouses:

Alkhair Oil Services provides its customers with depots and storage yards of various and different areas in appropriate with the qualities and volumes of items required being stored. We also provide in the storage sites a complete integrated safety and security system.

Alkhair Oil Services could gain and achieve a very good high level fame and name due to her adaptation to the principles of commitment punctuality, promise fulfilling, and trust treatment .

Alkhair Oil Services obligates to :-
- Seriously working towards achieving the safety and security rules to the local communities.
- Environment Sustainability.
- Efficient developing and employment of energy materials and sources to provide products and services.
- Playing a leading role in regard to enhancing our practices to our works with others.
- Impressing the permanent obligation and abidance culture in our employees and workforce conduct, behavior, and habits and raise them to respect and fulfill their obligations.
- Adopting transparency policy and conduct in submitting performance level reports pertaining hygiene and safety rules and procedures.
- Possessing a concrete administrative system in regard to our obligations towards hygiene and safety rules tailored to comply with applicable laws and legislations in Iraq adopting local and international measures and standards.
- Managing applicable activities via methods designed to en counter hygiene and safety accident risks to achieve the lowest possible avoidable level.
- Conducting regular periodical training courses to the workforce members prior starting any planned project to familiarize and orient them with the hygiene and safety requirements relevant to the project.